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Look at me like you look at your favorite pair of socks.
Just a glance, in passing —
to check that I’m there,
that I am warm,
that I can be yours when you need me.

Don’t call me beautiful.
Call me by the name my mother plucked
just for me, off the island whose trees
fleck my blood with olive and salt.
Let the syllables sing,
a Mediterranean wave cresting, crashing.

Before running a red light,
kiss your fore and middle fingers;
tap the car hood and think of me.
Make me your little superstition,
never a crutch or criticism,
but something brought to life with your breath —
something you believe in.

Love me. Love me simply.
So simply that we’ll forget
the word has to exist
between us at all.

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look underneath the house there

find the few living things

rotting fast in their sleep

oh, the dead

twenty-seven people, even more

they were boys

with their cars

summer jobs

oh my god

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Modest Mouse/Dramamine

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Feist and Ben Gibbard | Train Song

it’s so many miles and so long since i’ve met you

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Sculpture by David Oliveira.

Sculpture by David Oliveira.

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Irving Penn - Theater Accident (1947)


Irving Penn - Theater Accident (1947)


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Daehyun Kim
Inear (inspired by TROIKA’s Cloud sculpture)


Daehyun Kim

Inear (inspired by TROIKA’s Cloud sculpture)


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